The Studio

The ISRO studio is an open community space that offers access to some of the best sound synthesizing and recording equipment for the creative artist.


The studio is home to a variety of state of the art recording equipment and musical instruments. Artists working at the ISRO studio have access to the 36 channel 3D audio system built by Felix Duefel with help from Umashankar Mantrawadi and Yashas Shetty. We also have acesss to a range of ambisonic microphones (courtesy Brahma microphones).

In addition to recording, artists also have access to a variety of traditional digital, analog and modular synthesizers as well as new, quirky electronic instruments and interfaces built by Wolfgang Spahn, Yashas Shetty and Ron Schneider. Besides audio equipment, the C.A.V.E also provides access to video synthesizers designed by Otso Sorvetulla and Shreyasi Kar.


A majority of the artists working at the studio are also instrument builders. To expedite rapid prototyping of ideas into musical instruments, The ISRO is home to a fabricating studio with 3D printers, CNC machines, LASER cutter as well as a well stocked electronics laboratory



The studio is also host to live and improvised performances by some of

the most exciting musicians and sound artists, both from India and

abroad. To book time at the studio email


We are dedicated to providing the best possible environment for a

musician, sound artist, composer and researchers. If you would like to

support the studio please visit this page.

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