3D artwork by Chaitanya Krishnan

Soundchains is a virtual sound exchange program between Indian and German artists. The first edition of Soundchains features Berlin-based composer, Sergey Khismatov and Bangalore-based visual artist, Chaitanya Krishnan.

Soundchains 01 will focus on spatial audio and virtual reality.Sergey Khismatov and Chaitanya krishnan will explore surround sound and virtual reality to experiment with new compositional and story telling narratives. 

Sergey Khismatov attended graduate school at the European University in St. Petersburg. During 2010–2012, Sergey attended composition seminars with Moritz Eggert in Munich. Sergey participated in workshops and open lectures of composers such as Boris Filanovsky, Pascal Dusapin, Sandeep Bhagwati, Enno Poppe, Helmut Lachenmann.

Sergey is fellow of Saxony Working Scholarship and Schoeppingen Kuenstlerdorf Scholarship 2018. In 2017 he participated in dokumenta14. He is winner of OSSIA new music competition in NY. Sergey was selected for European Dukley Art Residence 2015 and for Villa Concordia artist-in-residence 2013-2014. His chamber opera cycle got Advocacy Award in Boston Metro Opera. He won the first prize in Hof Klang composition competition and was invited in Hof Klang artist-in-residence. In 2012 Sergey got St. Petersburg Culture Award. He is laureate of Franz Josef Reinl-Stiftung, Neue Toene and Musique Bruitiste. Luigi Russolo – Rossana Maggia competitions.

Sergey’s projects are supported by Saxony Culture Foundation, GEMA Foundation, De La Motte Music Foundation, Dirk-Oelbermann Foundation as well as by different international festivals.


Among performers of his pieces are Nadar, musikFabrik, Slagwerk Den Haag, Tromp percussion, Insomnio, eNsemble, Nostri Temporis, ADEvantgarde, NoName, Kuenstler Ensemble, Big Bang, Russian National Orchestra, ensemble XX century, Next Mushroom Promotion, Fedor Lednev, Alex Nowitz, Matthias Bauer, Boris Filanovsky, Moritz Eggert, Maciej Straburzynski, Johannes Schoellhorn, Feodor Amirov, Roman Yusipey, Sergey Tchirkov, Alexey Glazkov, Zoltan Almachi, Olga Vlasova, Mark Buloshnikov, Anna Korsun.


In 2010 Sergey Khismatov and Lidia Ader organized the cycle of contemporary music concerts Tax Free: territory of young composers in St. Petersburg.

Sergey Khismatov

Watch the trailer for ZOOPHONY by Sergey

Chaitanya Krishnan

Chaitanya Krishnan is primarily a designer and digital illustrator, who has also worked as a web and web game designer in the past. He works mostly as a CG generalist on fun projects like games, animation and video. Apart from the usual video and animation work he also does CG illustrations as freelance work and R&D exercises. He has worked briefly in the 3D PC gaming industry in Bangalore, and it’s where he picked up most of his 3D skills. His graduation project was a sci-fi pop-up book for kids, and his first job was as an illustrator. Although he continues to occasionally work on print jobs, he mostly works in the domain of digital media. He has also been doing workshops with kids, where he shows them how to turn trash such as pet bottles and cans into toys. 


After spending 7 years at a design firm, Chaitanya worked as an independent consultant for a year. He then went on to co-found a Bangalore based film and animation studio called Falana Films, which he left after 7 years. He has previously also worked on various app and mobile game projects with One3One4. Chaitanya currently works as a professional on CG illustrations, game assets and animation. Having worked in the PC gaming industry and having gained a lot of experience working on flash based apps and games, he is now channelling his experience towards iOS and Android apps. He also has plenty of experience with rich media websites and interactive experiences using 3D and AR, and tries to mix them all whenever possible. 

Drag the cursor around the animation for a 3D view of 'Birds in Flight' by Chaitanya 


  • Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

  • ArtScienceBLR

  • Story Lab - Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

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