Shun Owada



Electroacoustics, Sculpture, Fine Art

Shun Owada

Born in the former Kuriyama Village, Tochigi in 1985; artist Shun Owada creates electroacoustic works and installations with an interest in a relationship between sound and the human body as an organism, perception, and environment.

He graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with a Bachelor’s degree in music and a Master’s degree in fine arts.

His main exhibitions include “Singing in Falsetto” (Kurumaya Museum of Art, Tochigi, 2016) , “Impurity/Immunity” (Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo, Tokyo, 2017 / BARRAK, Okinawa, 2018), “Ars Electronica 2018” (Linz,Austria, 2018), “Biennale WRO” (Wroclaw, Poland, 2019), “BIENNALE NÉMO 2019” (Paris, France, 2019), and “Explode OK Extent” (Kurumaya Museum of Art, Tochigi, 2020) and so on.