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Ron's Residency Archive

Final Report: 6.4.2013 @ 7 High Street

7 High Street haunted by electricity

The final report of my Artist-In Residency at Srishti / Goethe Institut bringing together artists and friends I met in Bangalore, at Hackteria, Srishti, in Delhi at SoundCamp@UnBox or anywhere else during the last three months.

Expect 7 High Street think tank haunted by electricity with collaborative art installations followed by music performances that blur the distinction between viewers and actors.Experience art&science, sound&noise, light&shadow…

SA, 06.04.2013 | 6:30pm

7 High Street, Cooke Town, Bangalore

Silent Party @ Jaaga

Tonight: Defeating traffic noise and still keeping Jaaga’s neighbours happy

 “leading German and Indian electronica artists will spin more than two hours of audio art transmitted most silently via headphones”

Sun, 03. Feb 2013 @ Jaaga

dRONe vs. ISRO live at CounterCulture 27.01.2013

I deeply enjoy playing with Yashas. We harmonize a lot and complement each other thus some listeners almost couldn’t believe our first public appearance on stage was entirely improvised. Unfortunately the audio recording didn’t run well but at least there is a batch of photos as a memento of our first gig in Bangalore. As I don’t know how to embed flickr slideshows in a WordPress post please use the oldschool hyperlink clicking technique:

27.01.2013 at CounterCulture

Hans Koch [Switzerland] + Diffused Beats + edGeCut [Delhi] + Masta Justy + dRONe vs. ISRO [Berlin/Bangalore]

Contemporary/ Alternative/ Electronic

Sunday, 27.01.2013 at CounterCulture

# 2D2, 4th Cross, Dyavasandra Industrial Area, Whitefield Road, Bangalore – 560048

Kind of excited about a little SoundCamp Sri Lanka reunion, where Ish (edGeCut, Diffused Beats), Yashas (ISRO) and me (dRONe) had such a great time while creating music, building things and collaborating with a nice group of artist from Europe and Asia. Being glad we got this last-minute jump-in to the lineup I am looking forward to finding ourselves back on stage performing just as we did inside an abused parking garage in Colombo last summer.

 An evening of live electronic music Various Artists as part of the Sound Reasons Festival. The evening will feature collaborations and solo performances by Hans Koch, Ish S (edGeCut | diFfuSed beats), Yashas Shetty and Ron Schneider followed up by a DJ set by Masta Justy. As Live performances they will be improvising in the solo and duo format while re-interpreting works by difFuSed beats and edGeCut.

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