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Kathrin Lambert



Objects, Installation

Kathrin Lambert

Kathrin Lambert (*1987) is an artist living in Saarbrücken (GER).
Besides her art, she works in the field of event and cultural management as well as a media designer. One of her most significant projects at the moment is the organization of the sound art festival EXPERIMANCE.

Since the beginning of her academic education, she focused on the field of sound art. The emphasis is on dealing with everyday objects and everyday noises, and the reaction to those available structures.
With her installations she ties in with architectural elements, picks them up and tries to use existing energies.

During the production of her sound objects or instruments, she combines things and materials such as household objects or building materials.
In performances, the artist interacts with these objects and instruments and creates sound atmospheres by recording the produced sounds with different microphones and then looping them.

With field recordings, Kathrin Lambert takes on new and unknown places in particular and creating new ways of dealing with them. The recordings are then used in live sets or her installations.

During her time in Bangalore, the artist will engage with the new unfamiliar soundscapes of a different cultural context and collect situations sonically in order to incorporate them into her archive as well as to process them further. Likewise, new sound objects or instruments with reference to the city, region or culture are to be created and used in performances. Kathrin Lambert is inspired here especially by the new environment and its specific local household objects and traditional musical instruments.

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