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Felix Deufel



Ambisonics, Surround Sound, Community Building

Felix Deufel

Felix Deufel is a Leipzig based audio artist and organiser. Immersive audio and the human sense of spatial hearing has built the main focus of his work for the last years. As part of the Wisp Kollektiv, he created several audiovisual installations, workshops and founded the Wisp Festival for Arts, Technology and Communication.

He has studied Digital Media Sound at the University of Applied Science Darmstadt and graduated with a BA in 2012 with his media installation Panopticum der Postmoderne. In 2015, he earned his MA in Leadership in the Creative Industries with the collaborative project, Clink, an interactive 3D audiovisual environment.

During the bangaloREsidency, Felix led a 3D audio workshop, work out audiovisual performances in collaboration with different artists and presented them in a public event. He believes that the technical focus should neither dominate, nor force the artistic approach to fade into the background, but enrich the artistic ways of expression as a new stylistic device.

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