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Daniel Miller



Performance, Sculpture, Sound Art, Composition

Daniel Miller

A native of Seattle (USA), Daniel Miller is a composer, programmer, and sound artist. His creative practice centres on perceiving and responding to the vitality latent in simple processes, materials, and technologies. Daniel is a recipient of the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, a grant that made possible twelve months of research and field recording in seven countries. His project, “Experiencing Nature through Computer Music,” took him to the Australian outback, volcanoes in Indonesia, underground-music venues in Tokyo, high-altitude salt flats in Bolivia, and glacial lakes in Iceland.

Recent creative interests have included explorations of found objects, live animated interactive scores, and feedback cycles between performers and stochastic processes or acoustic automata. A former student of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Daniel is a recipient of degrees in music composition and philosophy from Lawrence University. Most recently he completed a masters degree in the Digital Musics program of Dartmouth College. Daniel is currently a Fulbright-Nehru research fellow based in Mysuru, India.

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