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Unfound Sound (with Daniel Miller)

Unfound Sound (with Daniel Miller)

April 26 - 28, 2018 Location: 3D SoundLab
"We grasp a place or a space conceptually as a map or a model. But when we observe a vibration, every space is constantly trembling. If we pay attention to the behavior of the vibration, some new phenomenon different from the conceptual map will emerge. What kind of condition is ongoing at a metal fence, on the surface of pavement, in a narrow passage or inside a pipe? Is it a secondary incident that is like a by-product of the space, or is it considered to be a nature of the space itself?" - Toshiya Tsunoda
The microphone, like the camera, is often assumed to be invisible and inaudible -- to record, to transcribe, to reproduce with complete objectivity. But to engage in the act of recording is to frame sound and noise. The choice of equipment, location, timing, and audio processing leave an indelible imprint on the final artifact. Unfound Sound is a workshop focused on complicating the narrative that recorded sound exists apart from perceptual reference points. Over the course of three days, we will explore the microphone (including contact mics and hydrophones as well) as objects imbued with creative intent and as perceptual prostheses.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAILY SCHEDULE -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
DAY 1 - April 26, 2018
10AM-NOON --- listening session, history of field recording, contemporary practice.
NOON-1PM --- lunch
1PM-2PM --- equipment, techniques, intro to digital audio, etc.
2PM-4PM --- practice recording around Yelahanka New Town

DAY 2 - April 27, 2018
10AM - NOON --- meet at factory (TBD) for recording field trip
NOON-1PM --- lunch
1PM-2PM --- digital audio processing in DAW, Pure Data, etc.
2PM-2PM --- sharing and listening to our recordings
ASSIGNMENT FOR DAY 3: make something with the audio you have collected

DAY 3 - April 28, 2018
10AM - NOON --- working collaboratively on collected audio recordings
NOON-1PM --- lunch
1PM-2PM --- final listening session
2PM-2PM --- sharing and listening to our recordings

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESOURCES -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Please find a list of resources for transduction-based creative practices below.

Reaper: Free digital-audio workstation (DAW). --
Pure Data: Graphic programing environment for audio --
SPEAR: Sound spectra analysis and editing --
soundhack: The legendary audio processing suite by Tom Erbe --
SoundMagic Spectral: Free spectral processing plugins by Michael Norris --
Audacity: Free minimalist digital-audio workstation (DAW) --

Zoom H2n recorder with 4-channel built-in surround:

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARTISTS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hildegard Westerkamp
Interview with EarRoom:
Kits Beach Soundwalk (1989):

Bill Fontana
Database of interviews with the artist:
The artist interviewed about his experience in residency at CERN:
Video documentation of Fontana's Harmonic Bridge work for the Tate Modern in London:

Toshiya Tsunoda
An essay by Tsunoda about his practice:
Tsunoda's messy blog about sound and other stuff:
Quiet storms, an essay in The Wire by Will Montgomery:
Collaboration at MoMA with Luke Fowler:
Chapter from "The Ashgate Research Companion to Experimental Music" on Tsunoda, Chris Watson, and others:
Scenery of Decalomania:
"Tallgrass #6":

Lawrence English
"A Beginner’s Guide To Field Recording":
Interview with NPR (USA):
Very recent essay on ambient music:
"Notes From the Field":
Interview with Kate Hennessy in The Guardian:

Francisco López
Press interviews:
EarRoom interview:
Interview with Tobias Fischer:
Interview with SonicField:

Martin Kay
A list of recent works:‘martin_kay’/works/
Interview with Musique Machine:
Sounds from residency at Bogong:

---------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER CLASS NOTES AND RESOURCES ----------------------------------------------------------------
Water Walk by John Cage:
"Unsettling the World Soundscape Project: Soundscapes of Canada and the Politics of Self-Recognition" -- Mitchell Akiyama's critique of the World Soundscape Project:
"Five European Villages" (by the World Soundscape Project):
"Learning from Las Vegas" (pdf):

Microphones, Recording

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