Art and the Algorithm

Art and the Algorithm

The class will explore artists and practices that have used systems, notations, rules. These techniques have broadly fallen under the context of conceptual art, software art, process art, systems art... etc.In this class, we’ll broadly look at the idea of using systems, rules, processes, algorithms...etc. The examples of work that we will look at in the class transcends medium and includes works in music, sound, visual arts and literature.

At the end of the class, you should be aware of the history of such practices and create 1 substantial piece of work. In addition to this, you will learn basic electronics. You will build a series of Robots in this class which will culminate in 1 substantial final project. At the end of the class, you should be aware of the tools required in order to create such work and also be aware of the historical, social and technical precedents and contexts that these works exists in. The class will be graded on attendance, assignment, documentation and a final project.

Day 01
Exploring Artists
Sol Lewitt
La Monte Young
Tristan Tszara
John Cage- Fontana Mix

Day 02
Automatons and Art Lecture/Presentation

Day 03
Intro to switches, Battery's wires.
Intro to Soldering, multimeter. wire cutter, wire stripper
Build your first Robot
Intro to Basic Electronics
Voltage, Current, Resistance
Assignment: Build a Robot with a constraint a.k.a your first programmable robot

Day 04
Art, Electronics, Sculpture
Peter Vogel - The Sound of Shadows
Presentation: Artists who work with Robots
Research Nobert Weiner
Research Arduino
Research Outsiders, minorities or women working with robotics

Day 05
History of Computer Art
Thomas Dreher
James Seawright
Phenomenal Art: Form, Idea, and Technique.

Day 06
Introduction to Electronics
Introduction to Tools
Soldering, BreadBoard, Wires, Ohms LAW,

Day 07
Intro to Artists who use Robots(presentation-Yashas)
Intro to Arduino
Intro to Arduino IDE
Intro to Motors - Servo, DC, Stepper

Day 08
Assignment #2: Build a Drawing Machine

Day 09
Presentation of Assignment #3: Present your final Drawing Machine

Casey Reas
Software Structures
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Artist of the beautiful
Essential Reading
Human Use of Human Beings
Nobert Weiner.
Class Handouts
Escher, Godel and Bach Douglas Hofstadter
Art of the Digital Age Bruce Wands
Information Arts Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology By Stephen Wilson
Cybernetics:Or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine By Norbert Wiener
The Human Use Of Human Beings By Norbert Wiener


Gonzo Sensors
Switch to reverse directions