Physical Computing Workshop


The ISRO values the sharing and dissemination of ideas through an open source model. We run workshops for adults and children that explore concepts of sound, electronics, programming and physics. We design educational kits for public distribution to emphasise the value of hands on making. Our projects and programs are fundamentally rooted in the facilitation of workshops, mentorships, apprenticeships and other educational activities.

Upcoming Workshop

Computational Approaches to Sound - August 26th - September 6th, 2019

This 2 week workshop will introduce participants to elements of composing and programming with CSOUND. CSOUND is a powerful and versatile software synthesis program. Drawing from a toolkit of over 450 signal processing modules, one can use CSound to model virtually any commercial synthesizer or multi-effect processor. CSound transforms a personal computer into a high end digital audio workstation- an environment in which the world of composition, acoustic research and sound-design all join together in the ultimate expressive instrument. The 2 week workshop will cover various compositional techniques with CSound. No previous knowledge of programming or music composition is necessary.

Archive of past Workshops

Yati Durant - July 30th - August 3rd

30th July - 3rd August 2019


Composing and performing with 3D sound

Felix Duefuel(DE) and Umashankar Mantravadi

28th October, 2017


D.I.Y. Video Synthesizer workshop

1st September, 2017


Instrument Building

D.I.Y Synthesizers for high school students

18th August, 2017

Aditi Mallya School

Signal Interruption

Glitch Machine Workshops

27th January, 2017


Introduction to Sound Art

2 week workshop for art students

20th January, 2017