Viv Corringham

Viv Corringham

Viv Corringham is a British singer and soundscape artist , currently based in New York. Her work includes performances, installations, radio works and soundwalks.

She is interested in exploring people’s special relationship with familiar places and how that links to personal history and memory.

She received two Composer Fellowships from McKnight Foundation, through American Composers Forum, and many other grants and awards.

She has an MA Sonic Art from Middlesex University, London and is certified to teach Deep Listening by composer Pauline Oliveros.

Her work has received international recognition and been presented in twenty two countries on five continents.

Work in the last 12 months includes festivals in New York (Electronic Art), Athens (Borderline), London (Discovery) and Torino (La collera delle lumache), an artist residency in Venice (Emily Harvey Foundation), and work as artist mentor in Manila and Hong Kong (soundpocket).