Viv Corringham Performance

Shattered Song, Shadow City

Viv Corringham

Shattered Song, Shadow City is a new work for solo vocalist performing live with a six channel setup. The singing voice interweaves through fragmented stories and soundscapes from five countries. It uses words of displaced people and aims to create a sense of dislocation in the audience too. Phrases and words from different people, sometimes in their own language, and field recordings from various places move through the six speakers. The singer’s voice soars and shifts with them, creating a collage of strange, often beautiful and disorienting sounds. Recordings used in this installation were made over the course of a year on walks with inhabitants of many European cities and their accounts of what these places meant to them. Their stories spoke of home, disruption, escape, community and often hope.

You can listen to an audio excerpt here: installation-live-voice-stereo-excerpt