Martin Hackett


The Indian Sonic Research Organisation offers residencies to artists, musicians, theorists, instrument builders who wish to push the boundaries of their practice.


We work with the artists and relevant funding agencies to secure funding that will cover travel, production and stay. Artists are given complete access to studio facilities and our workshops. ISRO also supports artists with production in exchange for workshops conducted by the artists.


It is advisable to apply atleast 6 months before you wish to start your residency.

Accomodation in Bangalore

Guest houses will be provided to chosen artists.

Former Residents

Cathy Lane(UK)

Viv Corringham(UK/US)

Daniel J. Miller(US)

Otso Sorvetulla(FI)

Felix Duefel(DE)

Martin Hackett(UK)


Noa Mori(US)


Tasneem Khan(India)

Wolfgang Spahn(DE)

Ron Schneider(DE)

Julian Togar Abraham(Indonesia)

Nicki Neek(DE)