The Indian Sonic Research Organisation is a collective of instrument builders and artists dedicated to the proliferation of experimental music and sound art. We run a community music lab in Bangalore where we make, perform, teach and collaborate through workshops, performances and artist residencies. Our independent record label disseminates works by Asian composers, sound artists and musicians from India and abroad.


The Indian Sonic Research Organisation values the sharing and dissemination of ideas through an open source model. We run workshops for adults and children that explore concepts of sound, electronics, programming and physics. We design educational kits for public distribution to emphasise the value of hands on making. Our projects and programs are fundamentally rooted in the facilitation of workshops, mentorships, apprenticeships and other educational activities. To see a list of past workshops click here.


The Indian Sonic Research Organisation offers residencies to artists, musicians, theorists, instrument builders who wish to push the boundaries of their practice. To learn more about our residencies, application procedure and past residencies click here.


Email: contact@theisro.org